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Ted Turner Expeditions Opens Gates to New Mexico Ranches

Travel With Val’s Valarie D’Elia filed the following report in New Mexico, with the exclusive opportunity to live the life that Ted Turner loves.

Media mogul Ted Turner is best known as the creator of CNN, but these days he may be more at home on the range than in the spotlight.

Turner owns 16 ranches across the United States, three of them in New Mexico. So now, the entrepreneur turned conservationist is breaking news on another front: Ted Turner Expeditions, opening the gates to his expansive land holdings.

“It’s an opportunity, not only for the ranches to participate and show off to the public what they are all about, but it’s also an opportunity for the guests,” said Steve Dobrott, Property Manager at Ladder Ranch. “Offer people a view of open spaces that I don’t think they’ll find anywhere else in the southwest.”

The hub for the visit to Turner’s three New Mexico ranches is the Sierra Grande Lodge, a property he also owns in Truth or Consequences, with hot springs and spa services.

Guests can either stay overnight at Sierra Grande and make a la carte day trips to his ranches or have a splurge-worthy stay at Ted’s personal digs. For instance, Ladder Ranch starts at $6,000 for four guests per night.

“It could be for a couple, it could be for a small group,” said Dobrott.

Guests are looked after by a house manager with all meals, drinks and a personal wilderness guide for all-inclusive activities.

The a la carte adventures include four-wheel drive tours and guided hikes, with frequent wildlife sightings, including a summer nights visit to a bat cave.