4 Reasons to Reconsider the Family Vacation

Depending on who you ask, family vacations are either the fastest-growing segment of the travel industry, or going the way of the Dodo bird. The real fact is that more than 35% of Americans plan to take a family vacation over the next 12 months! Two-thirds of these travelers say that spending quality time together as a family is the #1 reason they go to the trouble and expense of planning a family vacay.

Thinking of ditching the tradition this year? Here are four reasons to reconsider family travel.

  1. “Family” doesn’t have to be a restrictive term.
    One of the reasons the statistics on family travel are so muddled is that the definition of the American family is changing. Multigenerational travel is on the rise in a big way and, more and more, families are subscribing to the “more the merrier” philosophy. In fact, millennials are bucking the family trend altogether and traveling with their friends and friends’ children – one big, happy, unrelated “family!” Renting a private estate is a great way to travel affordably with many people in tow, as is traveling to a national park. With our national parks becoming more and more crowded, however, multigenerational families are increasingly looking to rent their own private park for a sense of seclusion and wilderness.
  2. Kids need an opportunity to unplug now more than ever.
    Shockingly, stats continue to show that youth media consumption is on the rise to the tune of 8 hours of usage a day. Your kids need the opportunity to unplug. They might resist it at first, but over the course of a few days in a natural, serene setting, kids will instinctively become more curious, self-entertaining, and at peace. Fun family vacations aren’t necessarily those fraught with stimuli, parents are finding.
  3. Kids need an opportunity to be one with nature.
    It is our responsibility as adults to teach our children to be stewards of the natural world. Childhood is the ideal time to instill in our kids a responsibility to nature, both by preserving and protecting. Adventure vacations for families are on the rise, with “adventure” spanning everything from paleontology digs to low-impact hiking, and children relish the opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of their overscheduled lives.
  4. There’s more to see out there than the beach.
    The traditional family vacation once involved a wood-paneled station wagon, a few beach towels, and a long drive. Today’s unique family vacations more often include adventures like mountain biking, ATV rides, and even cave hikes! Domestic travel is easier than it has ever been, and for families bored with the same old beach vacation, the opportunities for excitement are endless. As we like to say at Ted Turner Expeditions, why just travel when you can experience?

The most important facet of any family vacation is the opportunity to be together. Connection is key, and allowing distractions such as phones, too many tourists, and television to melt away provides the best opportunity to actually connect with your family. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Ted Turner Expeditions wants to help plan your family travel adventure. Give our concierge team a call when you’re ready to go beyond a trip to the beach to give your family an experience they won’t soon forget.