Glamping – the idea of “glamorous camping” – is no longer just a trend; it’s a legitimate movement in the travel industry, and everyone from families to retirees are tossing the tent to experience a more civilized natural vacation. The next big frontier in the glamping industry? Girls’ getaways.

The “girlfriend getaway” makes up over 4% of the US travel industry, and nearly 40% of all women say they plan on taking an all-girls trip in the next three years.

Why Women Love Glamping

Women travel together for myriad reasons. Of course, they love the ability to unplug from the stresses of everyday life, but they also enjoy bonding with one another, reconnecting with friends who live afar, and being close to nature. In fact, 87% of women in a recent survey say they travel simply to enjoy beautiful scenery. Women love nature.

Glamping in its first iteration was little more than tents with chandeliers and real beds. Today, the idea stretches farther than just a luxury camping experience, and encompasses a holistic natural endeavor. More and more, the glamping girls’ getaway is becoming an opportunity to become immersed in a natural area’s culture, food, and scenery. And as recent trends show, glamping for groups doesn’t have to mean eight women squished together in a nice-but-crowded tent. Glamping alternatives likeThe Ladder Ranch in New Mexico are seeing a rise in popularity among female groups looking to reconnect with nature – and each other.

Nature Resorts as a Glamping Alternative

The “girl’s trip” of today has a few requirements: good food, fantastic scenery and connectivity when necessary. Women, many of whom are professionals, spouses and mothers, don’t want to be totally disconnected from the real world on a girlfriends’ getaway, so Wi-Fi and cell service is a must, even when glamping. The idea of luxury camping has shifted over the last few years to include a little more luxury and a lot less camping; turns out women don’t want to feel like they’re giving up the comforts of civilization when on vacation.

Nature resorts are an excellent glamping alternative. The aforementioned Ladder Ranch, a Ted Turner Expeditions property, offers authentic Southwestern amenities and plenty of space for women to come together, with the simultaneous experience of staying on what could be considered a private natural park. Another Ted Turner Expeditions property within 30 minutes driving distance from Ladder Ranch, Sierra Grande Lodge and Spa, offers groups eco-friendly hotel accommodations, world-class spa amenities, and opportunities for hiking, hot air ballooning, mountain biking, and even geocaching. More and more, savvy female travelers are looking to a glamping alternative to fill the void between “campsite” and “five star.”

Redefining the Luxury Camping Experience

The girls’ getaway isn’t a new concept, but its scope is changing. Women control up to $20 trillion in annual consumer spending, and today’s female traveler is experienced and confident. She doesn’t want to “rough it” and more than anything, she’s looking for trip ideas that are memorable and unique. It’s Glamping 2.0.