TTX’s Ladder Ranch…Your Private National Park

Rent Your Own New Mexico “National Park”

The US National Parks are in a class of their own, visited by more than 300 million people per year. After experiencing much that the parks have to offer, some explorers find themselves longing for more: an authentic, natural experience unencumbered by crowds and strict regulations. But is it even possible to rent your own national park?

In a sense, yes. The Ladder Ranch, one of the pinnacle properties of the Ted Turner Expeditions portfolio, offers guests all the benefits of a national park – a wildlife sanctuary, unique natural vistas, and an aspect of preservation – without the pitfalls. If you’ve ever dreamed of claiming a piece of the American wild all for yourself, The Ladder Ranch is available to rent for the ultimate private national park experience.

New Mexico National Parks vs. The Ladder Ranch

New Mexico, where The Ladder Ranch is located, is home to some of the most exquisite US national parks. From the caves of Carlsbad Caverns to the Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge, it’s nearly impossible to visit the Land of Enchantment and not be, well, enchanted. For better or for worse, many of NM’s national park camping spots and national park lodges are located way off the grid. They’re difficult to reach, and accommodations are typically sparse.

On the other hand, The Ladder Ranch may be huge (measuring over 500,000 acres, when you include Ted Turner’s nearby Armendaris Ranch, to which Ladder Ranch guests also enjoy access!), but it’s both accessible and well-connected. Here, you’ll cherish the experience of vacationing on a private wildlife sanctuary while also indulging in world-class dining and accommodations at Ted Turner’s own personal ranch house. The well-appointed Ladder Ranch is far from the national park lodges of yesteryear.

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Outdoor Adventures Aren’t Just for National Parks

American national parks are known for their array of outdoor adventure opportunities. In New Mexico, visitors flock to the Chaco Culture National Historic Park for day hikes and scenic walks, and likewise visit the Valles Caldera National Preserve to spot local wildlife such as Rocky Mountain Elk. Researchers have begun to question whether all these visitors are actually doing more harm than good to these historic places. In fact, at some national parks, visitor caps are being employed to curb the effects.

The Ladder Ranch and neighboring Armendaris Ranch in southern New Mexico offer many of the same exploration opportunities as their national park counterparts, but in a private, serene setting. Imagine having the opportunity to take part in day hikes on the Las Palomas North and South Loop, to study ancient petroglyphs at Ash Canyon, and to experience what’s considered one of the finest bird-watching destinations in the country – all within your own “national park!” With less time spent fighting crowds and worrying over admission times and picnic tables, you’ll have more energy to wholeheartedly experience all of the ranches’ incredible offerings.

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Why Rent Your Own National Park?

There are a lot of reasons to turn to The Ladder Ranch when looking for a private national park experience. As a luxury nature lodge, the ranch and its talented and attentive staff are unparalleled.

Decorated in authentic southwestern style and offering the finest in personally-prepared locavore cuisine, the ranch offers respite for spent adventurers at the end of a long day.

Preserving America’s natural spaces is a lifetime mission of owner Ted Turner, who considers The Ladder Ranch one of his premiere preservationist properties. Great care is given to maintain the biodiversity of the area while providing guests with exceptional service – it’s a principle matched only by those equally as passionate about America’s national parks.

Looking to learn more about renting your own private national park? The Ladder Ranch is available for private rental year-round. Your personal travel concierge can help you decide which of the myriad options available through Ted Turner Expeditions suit you!

Welcome to The Ladder Ranch.