Over 50’s Are Traveling in Numbers

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You’ve read all the statistics. You know that Baby Boomers are traveling more often than they ever have before, and to new, more adventurous locales. But did you know that senior travel groups are hotter than the New Mexico desert in August?

Why the Trend Toward Travel Groups for Adults?

There are a number of reasons this segment of the tourism industry is growing. When polled, Baby Boomers say the biggest reason they travel in groups is either to spend time with or to replicate the feeling of family. Extended families are often spread far and wide, and Baby Boomers are more than happy to travel great distances (and in some cases, foot the bill) if it means getting to spend quality time with their children and grandchildren. It’s called “multigenerational travel” and it’s one of the biggest trends in over 50 travel.

Conversely, senior travel groups are coming together in order to provide the feeling of comradery. As families get too busy to take on family vacations, seniors are banding together in over 50 groups to take on adventure tours, escape to resorts, and spend time among other couples. About 80% of multigenerational trips are planned around an event such as a birthday or anniversary, and non-related Baby Boomer travel groups are taking their cues from there.

Planned Tours for Senior Travel Groups

Another common way Baby Boomers are pushing themselves outside their comfort zone is to travel in groups of strangers. Specific travel experiences such as travel tours for singles over 50 and customized adventure tours for over 50 groups are taking off, particularly domestically. Seniors see these planned itineraries as an interesting way to meet new people and avoid any feelings of loneliness that might come from vacationing away from family for the first time.

Single Baby Boomers are flocking to travel groups for seniors. After experiencing little luck dating online or through their friend network, single seniors are taking to the friendly skies (and ATVs and horseback) to meet adventurous, likeminded singles that share their passion for new experiences. On these pre-planned tours seniors say they’re open to both finding love and making friendships with fellow divorcees and/or widowers to boot.

What’s Trending in Travel Groups for Adults?

Although beach travel is still the most popular destination domestically, more and more seniors travel groups are expanding their horizons. Group trips that involve activities are rising in popularity thanks to their built-in icebreakers. Experiences such as day hikes, wildlife-spotting, fishing, and even fine dining are happily shared by seniors without much in common other than their phase of life.

Groups are typically based at a large, resort-style accommodations that provide opportunities for relaxation and on-site activities such as spa services and excellent food. In this way, groups can intermingle before and after scheduled adventures or choose to spend some alone time without any social pressure. Domestic adventure senior group travel is an ideal solution for Boomers who find cruises too confining, beaches too boring, and family too hard to wrangle.

Baby Boomer group tours are an excellent way to meet new people and push your own boundaries. Whether it’s a girls’ wine tasting tour or a long weekend of outdoor adventures with fellow nature-loving couples, senior travel groups are becoming a force to be reckoned with in the tourism industry.

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