Baby Boomers: Using Multigenerational Travel to Reconnect with Family

reconnect with family on vacation

Although the average American lives less than 20 miles from their parents, a larger and larger portion of the population is choosing to separate from family for reasons like employment, schooling, or geography. In fact those same studies prove that over 25% of people in America now live 200 miles away from family or more!

Thankfully, travel to see family is easier than it’s ever been. Airfare is becoming more affordable and group retreats more common, particularly for reconnecting families. How are families using travel to find one another again?

Travel as a Tool for Connection

Travel has a way of bringing people together. Sharing experiences – cultural ones, physical ones, emotional ones – ties people together in memories for a lifetime. For families, increasingly distracted by phones and other technology, communal travel is hugely important. What Baby Boomer hasn’t dreamed of spending time with their grandchildren without the constant ding of text messages and endless whines to go out with friends and be excused from the table?

Studies say that over a third of Baby Boomers have traveled with their grandchildren. This phenomena is twofold: it provides grandparents much-needed time with the younger members of their family, and parents, often without family living nearby, a chance to spend time without their kids while having reliable “babysitters” on hand. For the one-third of Baby Boomers who travel, adventuring as a multigenerational family is a mutually beneficial arrangement!

Where are Families Traveling Together?

The best group getaways provide a little something for everyone. Baby Boomers have long described travel as a must-have rather than a luxury, and they’re excited to expose younger generations to this viewpoint. Because of concerns about accommodations, currency exchange, and physical safety, Baby Boomers are more likely to suggest domestic trips for family rather than international. Domestic flights are shorter and passport requirements a non-issue, too, making domestic travel a top choice for mutigenerational vacationers.

Multi-tiered families love traveling to locations that offer an “escape” from everyday life. For many people, that means nature. Wide open spaces without too many crowds are a favorite for family trips, as are large accommodations where everyone can lodge communally. This gives families the opportunity to spend time together but, when chosen correctly, can still provide all the benefits of luxury accommodations Baby Boomers have grown to expect when traveling.

What Multigenerational Trips are All About

Travel as a family is about coming together expressly to make new memories. Many families say the best way to do this is to share a unique travel experience, from a cave hike to a spaceport expedition to a dinosaur bone dig. Activities that give adults cultural and natural thrills while providing the kids something challenging and physical to do are a mainstay on the multigenerational travel circuit.

It’s important when choosing a destination for a multigenerational trip to select a location where everyone will feel comfortable. Accommodations should be nice but not fussy, and the weather should generally be temperate (or at least well-suited to the activities on hand, like snow skiing or river tubing.) Most of all, destinations should have experience working with large groups and/or families made up of differing tastes, physical abilities, and arriving from different parts of the country. In this way, many of the same locations that make for great corporate retreats or couples getaways are ideally suited to multigenerational trips.

At the end of the day, traveling as a family is about reconnecting. Most people – especially Baby Boomers – say that travel for them is a restorative act, and with so many distractions in our every day lives, there’s a premium on the kind of unfettered free time only escape travel can provide. Teaching new generations to love travel is just an added benefit.

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