Single Baby Boomer Travel On The Rise

Baby Boomer travel is, well, booming. The (second) largest generation in history loves to see the world, and they’re not afraid to do it solo. In fact, vacations for singles over 50 are so popular that new, single seniors travel clubs and websites devoted to matching vacation-seekers of a certain age with wanderlust have sprung up in recent years. It’s a brave, single world out there!

The Facts Behind Single Seniors
Baby Boomers – today ranging from about 52-75 years old, are growing older every year. Statistics say they love to travel, but they’re increasingly single. In fact, over 20% of them have never been married and 33% are single at any given time. Singles vacations over 50 are no longer an unusual occurrence,but instead, a rite of passage for many of this generation.

For better or worse, many Baby Boomers are becoming single later in life through divorce or death of a spouse. This is precisely the time they find themselves with more means and time to travel, and today’s Baby Boomer isn’t satisfied staying home simply because they don’t have a travel partner. In fact, one of the largest growing contingents of travelers in this age group is the “married but traveling solo anyway” cohort!

Why do Senior Singles Travel?
Gone are the days when vacations for senior singles revolved around cheesy mixers and meet-and-greets. Today’s older solo traveler isn’t necessarily looking to meet a significant other on their journeys. Instead, they’re looking for experiences – like all travelers – that are memorable, rejuvenating, and authentic. Somewhat surprisingly, adventure vacations for singles over 50 are also on the rise, as Boomers seek to enjoy their physically well state longer than ever.

For many single seniors, traveling with a group of singles is best. This kind of travel certainly keeps costs down, but it also provides the benefit of companionship. Single travel groups over 50 are more commonly renting out entire resorts, contracting for privately-led tours, and chartering “bucket list” expeditions like helicopter rides and dinosaur digs. With significantly more disposable income than their millennial counterparts, single seniors can afford to travel in style.

Common Vacations for Singles Over 50
Vacations for those over 50, may conjure images of leisurely days and early nights, but today’s Baby Boomers want anything but. They seek out adventure during travel in the form of exhaustive hikes, guided nature tours, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences like hot air balloon rides.

Additionally, Baby Boomers are working longer than ever. They turn to solo vacations for relaxation and rejuvenation in the form of spa resorts, meditation retreats, and world-class dining experiences. Because they’re old enough to have surrounded themselves by convenience in everyday life, senior singles expect luxuries like WiFi, Egyptian cotton sheets, and personalized service when they’re away from home, too.

Some of the most common vacations for singles over 50 include:

  • Group hiking trips through remote, natural areas with resort-style accommodations
  • Wildlife-watching tours at national parks and private wilderness retreats
  • Food-themed trips with meals from award-winning chefs starring local ingredients
  • Adventure vacations that include activities like ATV rides, immersive cultural experiences, and off-road exploring


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