Trends in Senior Travel Show Retirement Can be Anything but Boring

What is a “senior,” anyway?

It’s fair to say the perception of seniors is changing. They’re no longer recliner-bound gray hairs…they’re active, working, and more engaged than ever. Today’s seniors are up for anything, and they’re traveling like never before.

Statistics to Know About Senior Travel:

  • Over 99% of Baby Boomers say they planned at least one trip in 2016
  • 95% of seniors who travel each year will take at least one domestic trip
  • Nearly 83% of seniors say it’s important to them to stay connected while traveling

Trends in Senior Travel

Senior travel as a whole is changing as the cohort gets larger. While cruises are still incredibly popular, unusual destinations, experiences, and objectives are influencing how seniors travel altogether.

Adventure Tours for Seniors

Active, adventure-based vacations are one of the fastest-growing segments in the industry. This holds true among seniors, too, particularly among those looking to check off “bucket list” items as they age. Seniors say staying physically active helps them stay young both in body and in spirit.
Common senior adventures include:

  • Hiking
  • Wildlife watching
  • Off-road vehicle or ATV riding
  • Fishing and camping

Educational Senior Tours

Seniors are expressing a renewed interest in so-called “educational” vacations. They say that learning and expanding their horizons helps keep them youthful, and also helps them relate better to their families and the world at large. Educational tours can encompass anything from village visits on foreign islands to birdwatching hikes, but the goal is the same: to enlighten and inform while entertaining.

Common senior educational trips include:

  • People-centric activities where seniors engage with local residents
  • Animal education and/or refuge missions
  • Skill-building trips that teach seniors how to do something new

Elevated Senior Travel

Perhaps the most notable trend in senior travel is the move towards high-end tourism. Seniors, although they report being cost-conscious, aren’t as bound by budgets as their younger counterparts. They’re willing to spend more for a world-class experience whether that means better accommodations, easier transportation, or customized travel itineraries for seniors.

Common ways seniors are traveling “better”:

  • High-end accommodations with resort-style amenities
  • Spa visits and amenities like massages, hot springs, or skin treatments
  • First-class food, particularly that which is “local” in nature
  • Personalized service through a concierge travel service

Senior Travel: Leaving Boring Behind

Seniors say that travel accomplishes three things for them. One is to get away from everyday life, particularly important when the doldrums of retirement have begun to set it. The second is to reconnect with friends and family, leading to a marked increase in the number of multigenerational trips each year. The third is to relax, a term that means different things to different people.

For seniors, “relaxation” doesn’t have to mean “boring.” Today’s seniors aren’t looking for a game of Bridge and water aerobics to feel at peace…they relax by spending time with their spouse or loved one, engaging their brains, and for many, by exerting themselves physically. Senior travel is not what it used to be, and that’s a good thing!

Are you tired of cruises that leave you feeling as unfulfilled as retirement? Maybe you’re looking for a domestic travel experience that offers something different than the same boring beach stay.

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