Outside-the-Box Baby Boomer Vacation Ideas

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Who says the best vacations for seniors have to include Mahjong and afternoon naps? Baby Boomers are traveling more than ever and they’re looking to mix things up. Gone are the days of cruise ship BINGO, endless wine coolers, and early-bird buffets. The best vacation spots for senior citizens are probably not what you’d expect.

Looking for senior vacation ideas that are a little…different? four outside-the-box Boomer travel suggestions that ensure people will want to look through your vacation photos.

1.Get Active with a High-End Hike

More than any other generation, Baby Boomers are willing to spend more money to experience high-end travel. At the same time, more and more, seniors are looking for ways to stay physically active as they age. Hiking is a natural fit for this adventure-seeking group. Guided high end hiking tours are hot tickets for Boomers, particularly domestically. Private national park style vacations like those offered by Ted Turner Expeditions are extremely popular among seniors, particularly those looking for a balance between physical activity and resort-style luxury.

What kinds of hikes do seniors like? Guided hikes are in high demand among this group, providing a focused expedition with none of the risks of getting lost or being injured. Hikes with a purpose – to see cave drawings, to spot for birds, or to reach the peak of a dormant volcano – are particularly exciting for “Bucket List” seniors looking to experience something notable.

2. Try a River Cruise

Cruises have long been the domain of senior vacation packages and group tours. While there’s something to be said for floating hotels in the Caribbean, river cruises are surging in popularity. Providing a more intimate experience with better food and more specific destinations, river cruises are an interesting vacation alternative.

Internationally, cruises through European and Asian destinations (think: Germany and China) are a smart way to avoid the hassles of international travel like unsafe water and questionable accommodations while still enjoying the sights. Domestically, river cruises often feature unparalleled natural sights without the physical demands of spots like National Parks. River boats are some of the best vacation spots for senior citizens at home and abroad.

3. Try an Activity-Based Spa Adventure

Spas have always been one of the top senior vacation ideas. They provide a much-needed respite for still-working Baby Boomers with all the comforts of home, but today’s spa offers more than bubble baths. In fact, resort-style spas offering senior vacation packages that include highly-memorable activities are rising in popularity.

At the Sierra Grande Lodge and Spa in New Mexico, for example, seniors can enjoy world-class massage and spa services alongside a dizzying array of adventure tours. Options like hot air balloon rides, paleontology prospecting missions, and even visit the Spaceport America Command Center. Seniors are no longer content to sit on the sidelines with the youthful get out and explore. They want to relax and rejuvenate at a spa after a long, rewarding day of adventuring.

The best vacations for seniors, as for anyone, challenge them in some way. Physically, emotionally, spiritually…today’s traveler is looking for deeper meaning when they get out in the world. Senior tour operators are working hard to keep up.

Ted Turner Expeditions loves creating memorable experiences for Baby Boomers. Contact our travel concierge when you’re ready to create your dream vacation experience.