What Turns an Experience into an Expedition?

An expedition is defined as “a journey especially by an individual or group of people for a specific purpose.” Today’s travelers are traveling more often with specific purpose – to connect, to absorb, and to experience. But what elevates a traveler’s experience to an expedition?
Experiences are easy to find. Eating new cuisine, wandering an unfamiliar area, and even watching a cultural performance all qualify as experiences, and in many cases, enriching ones. But expeditions aren’t just completed, they’re undertaken. They’re more than just something new; they’re restorative and insightful, challenging the very way we see the world.

Experiences are provided. Expeditions are earned.

Ted Turner’s father taught him the following words to live by: “Be sure to set your goals so high that it’s impossible to achieve them in one lifetime.”

There’s something transformative in working toward a goal, especially when by choice. Vacation – the precious, personal time people have to spend as they choose – is no longer simply time spent away from the office; it’s an opportunity for personal growth, and savvy explorers are finding they don’t have to be uncomfortable to feel challenged, enlightened, and spiritually rejuvenated.

Many travelers, for example, enjoy visiting nature museums to learn more about the flora, fauna, and history of the region in which they’re visiting. But the best exhibits aren’t behind protective glass…they exist out in nature, and they often require reaching far off the beaten path. Why settle for observing dinosaur bones in a glass case when you can actually discover them yourself on the Paleontology Prospecting Tour on Ted Turner’s Armendaris Ranch?

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True expeditions aren’t just enlightening, they’re restorative. Not necessarily restorative physically – any four-star spa can provide that kind of restoration – but restorative for the mind. Reconnecting with nature, for many people, is the easiest way to find peace. The good news is today’s adventure travel leaves room for both kinds of restoration. A day hiking through the undisturbed beauty of Armendaris Ranch’s Spellmeyer Canyon or even hiking the Vision Quest through the picturesque Ladder Ranch might leave your muscles sore, but your mind at ease. For many, there are few things more appreciable than the awe of untouched nature.