Why Baby Boomers Are Flocking to Adventure Tours

There are over 175,000 Baby Boomers in the U.S., alone, and studies show that in any given year, an astounding 99% of them will take a trip. Those same studies reveal a truth that savvy travel providers already know: Baby Boomers feel young, they’re not passive, and they’re looking to chip away at their bucket lists.

2016 Boomer travel trends show that almost all will travel for leisure, with about half traveling within the U.S., and for good reason. A recent AARP survey shows this group’s looking for creature comforts (think: free Wi-Fi) and lots of options without too much concern for cost. Baby Boomers agree – travel isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity.

What are Baby Boomer Travelers Looking For?

Today’s “older” generation doesn’t see themselves that way. While Boomers aren’t necessarily lining up to go bungee jumping, Ted Turner Expeditions is seeing more Boomers inquire about adventure tours than ever before. But what does “adventure” mean to 50-70-year-olds?

For the young at heart and body, more physical challenges like strenuous hikes and bike excursions are becoming increasingly popular. For many Boomers, “leisure” travel doesn’t have to be leisurely at all, and jaunts that get both the mind and the muscles pumping are becoming just as requested as a day on the beach. At Ted Turner Expeditions, relatively active adventures like ice fishing, Nordic skiing, mountain biking and guided hiking tours are rising in the ranks among the mature travel set.

Winter is an especially popular time for Baby Boomer adventure tours. Often traveling on their own for the holidays or newly retired and looking for an exciting getaway, this generation is enthused about experiencing the unexpected. Some simply wish to get out and explore the country’s most stunning and well-preserved terrain, which is spurring an increase in Boomer travelers at our national parks. While plenty of mature travelers long for the thrill of international travel, many more are increasingly wary of long flights, security concerns, and the logistical hassles of traveling abroad. This means exclusive, unique domestic adventure tours are also experiencing a rise in inquiries from this already well-traveled demographic.

What Do Boomers Want in an Adventure Tour?

Photographers and Castle Rock, Vermejo Park Ranch, New Mexico, USA.

Castle Rock, Vermejo Park Ranch, New Mexico

While searching for rejuvenating expeditions, Boomers also desire the comforts of home when they’re not actively engaged in adventure. The opportunity to explore, excite, and engage with each other is high on Boomers’ travel priority lists, as are the elements of a relaxing leisure travel experience. Amenities like world-class massages at the Sierra Grande Lodge and Spa and luxuriously-appointed rooms at Casa Grande tend to appeal to this age group more than any other, in the experience of the Ted Turner Expeditions staff. In a nutshell, Boomers say they come back to the same luxury adventure destinations time and again to experience the best of both worlds.

Why does anyone pursue the rush of adventure travel? For most, it’s a feeling of wonder and exploration that reminds them of youth – a sense that anything is possible and that there’s so much they still have yet to discover. For Baby Boomers, adventure tours mean more than adrenaline and danger. They provide them with the opportunity to find the joie de vivre they’ve been seeking, and a chance to reconnect, both with each other and themselves.

Ted Turner Expeditions specializes in customized adventure tours for travelers of all ages. Find out today how attainable your dream trip really is.