Winter as the Secret Season of Luxury Retreats

Cold Weather Activities are Unique and Memorable

Planning a luxury retreat? One of the biggest secrets travel aficionados know is that winter is actually the best season of the year for luxury getaways! Not only are winter activities totally underrated, some of the coolest luxury retreats in the U.S. offer some of their best shoulder-season rates this time of year.

Why is winter the perfect time to plan your next big getaway? Take a few lessons from Vermejo Park Ranch, one of the premiere winter-season retreat locations in America.

Cold Weather Activities are Unique and Memorable.

At Vermejo, guests are often surprised how many wintertime activities are available to them right here in the U.S. On the Ranch, guests regularly participate in hallowed winter traditions like Nordic Skiing, ice fishing, and snowshoeing. Many travelers assume they have to go to Canada or Norway to do something as memorable as ice fishing for trout, but the reality is, the Southwestern United States offers just about every opportunity available for wintertime fun.

Winter is the Perfect Season for Romance

Vermejo Ranch fulfills a lot of requests from couples looking to reconnect. Winter is an ideal season to come together because it naturally invites a cozy ambiance and closeness. To boot, many couples are enjoying time off of work or holidays alone once their kids are grown around this time of year, anyway. What makes winter so romantic? Luxury retreats that offer amenities like fireplaces, hot drinks, and picturesque snow views are at the top of many travelers’ lists. And even at “outdoor” destinations, indoor activities like in-room massages and private fine dinners can prove endlessly romantic. When choosing a romantic winter destination, it’s really all about the details. Winter provides a great opportunity for resorts to pamper guests both indoors and out.

Family Fun in the Snow

Wintertime is becoming one of the hottest seasons for family travel due in large part to school holiday schedules. Additionally, some of winter’s best outdoor activities are perfect for children and large groups. Snow tubing is one of the most popular activities at Vermejo Park Ranch, with guests ranging in age from about 5-75 spending all day on specially-designed snow sledding hills. Winter weather, too, often presents an opportunity for families to spend extra time reconnecting in a quiet space together. From playing games by the fire to enjoying holiday movie marathons in a shared house, families that take family vacations together have been proven to be closer and better connected.

Winter is Ideal for Group Getaways

Some destinations are made for group travel. Casa Grande, the premiere property of Vermejo Park Ranch, is one of these locations. Casa Grande is actually the private home of Vermejo’s owner, Ted Turner, offering guests over 25,000 square feet of living space including seven bedrooms. The whole property recently underwent a massive renovation making it an ideal choice even for the most discerning traveler. It’s size also makes it a smart choice for group getaways in winter. Located on nearly 585,000 acres of private land in New Mexico and southern Colorado, Vermejo Park Ranch guests enjoy activities ranging from wildlife spotting to guided ski expeditions. The property, like all the best luxury retreats in the U.S., takes great pride in working with the natural world around it, not against it. In fact, Vermejo Park Ranch is one of the standout ecotourism destinations in the West. In no season is the property’s commitment to maintaining a pristine natural environment more evident than winter.

Interested in planning your own winter getaway? Luxury retreats are more customizable than ever and modern amenities like indoor heat and all-terrain vehicles make it easy to enjoy some of the most remote, remarkable winter destinations in the U.S.

Ted Turner Expeditions offers personalized travel experiences for groups, families, and couples alike. Vemejo Park Ranch offers unparalleled opportunities to explore and interact with nature in a completely private national park-like setting. Contact the Vermejo planning team today to discuss your wintertime vacation goals and get started on your own custom itinerary.